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LOS ANGELES, CA- (11/21/2017)- Mashka Wolfe creates a role for herself by writing and producing Lifelike, a Sci-fi web series that explores artificial intelligence in a post climate change world. This micro budget production cleverly uses story and plot to transform the deserted streets of Downtown Los Angeles into the dystopia in which a group of friends bonded by science stumble upon an unregistered, unclaimed, and extremely advanced android that makes them question everything they know about technology, the government and their own self interests.

The story takes place in Anchorage, Alaska in the year 2183, when the planet has been ravaged by global warming. Through interacting with the lost and found android played by Mashka Wolfe, Run discovers that it may contain artificial intelligence but the fact that it is unregistered and unidentifiable raises some concerns throughout the group as production and possession of such technology is highly illegal and it is unclear how or why this android was created.

What stands out most throughout the series is the personal relationships some of the characters in the story seem to create with the machines featured in the series, particularly the bond between Run, played by actor Andres Rey Solorzano, and the android played by Wolfe. The more she learns, the more Run wishes to teach her- a concept that taps into our desire as humans to express compassion and empathy towards other beings, and plays on conflicting emotions that stem from questioning what life actually is.

Creator, Maska Wolfe says that it was her frustration as an actress with experiencing a lack of passion in the roles she was being cast in that lead her to take on writing and producing this project. She pulls it off by really focusing on the emotional experience of the characters within the series, as opposed to relying on green screening, VFX and traditional sci-fi settings such as spacecrafts and such. Using the future and technology to explore current issues, Wolfe captures the spirit of science fiction while utilizing the simplicity which the budget necessitates.

With a background of fine art and photography, Maska is able develop much of the production needs herself making it easy for her to solicit, Jamie Arze, a fellow member of the Actor’s Gang Theatre Company for the role of Director. Sharing an interest in Sci-fi himself, Jamie appreciated the opportunity to get involved in the unique project, and the two quickly began the production of Lifelike taking advantage of the gritty aesthetics of DTLA, and the talents of their peers including supporting actress Stephanie Lee and cinematographer Stan Sanders, who had just finished working on a project for Toyota.

The first half of the tongue in cheek series, Lifelike, is currently available for viewing on the YouTube channel, Geeks Outside and is set to be launched in completion by January 2018. The channel currently has over 1,700 subscribers but ideally Maska would like to see the series adapted into a full length series and is approaching distributors such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon with an acquisition proposal by Summer 2018.

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